Are you looking for a powerful safety speaker with a real-life story to help inspire safety at your work?

Michael can't tell his own story.  His sister does it for him.

“I tell my wee brother’s story to stop others from dying needlessly the way he has, to stop other families from going through the pain and suffering that we are experiencing.” 

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Michael's story is told by his sister Louise.

Her aim is simple: to stop others from losing their lives or their loved ones in preventable incidents.  

Michael died in an electrical incident, but lessons can be learned from his death which apply across many different industries & trades.

What lessons can be learned?

Louise wants her wee brother's story to have reach far beyond what she can deliver personally.  

She is therefore seeking your help to ensure the positive impact is as wide-ranging as possible. 

Find out more about what you can do to help, by reading the link below.

How can you help Michael's Story be a positive force for good?


By talking of the terrible impact of Michael's death, Louise wants Michael's Story to have a positive impact on safety in every workplace it's told.

The consistent feedback she receives is that it makes a very real difference to those who hear it.  

Life-changing.  Life-saving.

What do clients have to say?  


These are just some of the organisations who have so far been looking for a workplace safety speaker to tell a powerful real-life story and who have trusted Louise in telling her wee brother's story to positive effect.